Red Warning Issued for Hawaii Volcano - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE 8 months ago

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The USGS has declared a red warning for Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, meaning a major eruption is imminent, underway, or suspected. Get the latest details in this live stream.

Also breaking in Hawaii: new lava fissures, numbers 20 & 21, have opened and are spewing lava near Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. The new fissures have opened near the Leilani Estates area, a residential subdivision where 27 houses have been destroyed already by the flowing lava. Authorities have also issued a red alert warning about dangerous sulfur dioxide gas emerging from the fissures. There has also been an aviation warning issued due to the giant ash plume at the volcano summit. Host Steve Lookner will bring you up to date on the volcano situation in Hawaii in this live stream, and he'll take your comments and questions on the air!

Fissure map link:

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